Our Clients

Our CHP plants combined with LEED orientated MEP design allow our clients to commonly achieve LEED Gold and Silver status, and save significant energy cost in the process. On an annual basis Energy Concepts CHP systems save our clients over $40 million per year.

We have designed business models for all types of clients specific to their situation to maximize the money they can save or generate with innovative energy systems and CHP plants.
How you can make money with a cogeneration plant:

Real Estate Developers

Think that your revenue per site is limited by the building net area or the Free Area Ratio? Think again. We can show you how to increase your net profit per square foot by up to 50% or more. How? By installing a CHP plant at your facility and billing your tenants for electricity, cooling and heat. We may also be able to help you receive grant funding to help pay for part of the plant.

Industrial and Commercial Business

Private and corporate industrial facilities face the constant challenge of producing products competiviely and controlling energy costs. A CHP plant can reduce energy cost significantly and help keep you profitable and competitive. For industrial clients in the NYC 5 boroughs there are special NYC ECSP and tax abatement grants available that can make your CHP plant very attractive.

Residential Co-op and Condo Facilities

Residential Co-ops and Condos struggle to control cost while finding ways to upgrade critical facility infrastructure. We have shown clients how to do both at the same time by implementing a CHP plant. Our Co-op clients have installed Energy Concepts CHP plants in combination with central plant boiler and chiller replacements and/or upgrades. The results have been dramatic savings in annual energy cost, increased plant reliability and an increase in existing real estate value. The annual savings from the CHP plant may often entirely offset the annual loan payment cost for the entire infrastructure upgrade of boilers, chillers, roofs and other items. In addition, our residential clients take pride in helping to make the environment cleaner by implementing green, clean energy infrastructure.

Colleges and Universities

Colleges and Universitites typically have a considerable energy footprint due to sophisticated facilities and 24/7 operation. CHP plants and energy conservation measures provide reliable methods for institutions to save energy. In addition our college and university clients take pride in helping to make the environment cleaner by implementing green, clean energy infrastructure and setting an example for their students.

Public Schools

With consolidation programs, extended hours of operation and larger energy profiles, public schools have long been a successful implementer of on-site CHP plants. A combination of special grants, NYS aid and attractive bond rates allow public schools to implement CHP plants economically.

Health Care Facilities

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities often have the largest energy use per square foot due to 24/7 operation and significant requirements for specialized HVAC systems operations. In addition, various special grants, state aid and other types of funding allow for the economical implementation of CHP plants. Returns on investment are often strong at such facilities due to the consistent 24/7 energy electric profile and the nice technical fit for CHP plant heat recovery.