About Energy Concepts

If the human race wishes to have a prolonged and indefinite period of material prosperity, they have only got to behave in a peaceful and helpful way toward one another.
Winston Churchill

When we founded Energy Concepts in October 1999 we did it with the recognition that the old model of providing professional engineering services to our clients and the community was considerably outdated and inadequate. Engineers had to be more innovative, better leaders and much more active in shaping the future and application of technology. Our relationships with our clients had to be more candid, interactive and bound by trust and understanding.

The technologies we bring to our clients directly address the pressing needs of our times: Energy shortages and energy independence, the environment, economic need, and the ability to benefit properly from new technology.

More than ever, our work is guided by the principle that alternative energy design and building systems design naturally go together. Examples range from health care, schools and multifamily residential and commercial industrial projects that are designed to be both of superior function and energy efficient.

A prime example is our design of the total Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing system for a 37 story residential high rise in downtown Brooklyn NY. A CHP plant serving the facility was integrated with building HVAC systems that take the most advantage of what the CHP plant does. Thus, we have combined new CHP energy technology with traditional building design for a great total solution for our client.

We have employees working in offices in Rochester and Brooklyn, New York. To date there are over 87 CHP plants and numerous specialized energy applications such as Geo-thermal Heat Recovery, Cogeneration and Renewable Fuel Systems in operation: All 24-7, automated, and performing as required.

We see a tremendous future for the technologies and techniques championed by Energy Concepts. We get great satisfaction from the obvious excitement and opportunities our clients have with their systems. They are our marketing department. They are our friends and comrades in a common mission. For all of those reading this who are new to Energy Concepts we hope to make your future more profitable and enjoyable as well.

Who We Are

Bill Cristofaro, PE | President/Lead Mechanical Engineer

As President at Integrated Energy Concepts Engineering, P.C., Mr. Cristofaro is responsible for mechanical engineering with emphasis on energy conservation, energy feasibility studies, cogeneration, HVAC/mechanical design and computer control systems. Mr. Cristofaro’s experience and capabilities includes mechanical design for central chiller and boiler plants, cogeneration plants, combined energy plants, a large variety of HVAC systems, small- to large-scale energy studies and extensive energy conservation design, EMS and DDC systems, fire protection systems, plumbing systems and high-tech industrial systems. Mr. Cristofaro has extensive experience with schools and NYSSED requirements, hospitals, health care and NYSDOH requirements, including NYSDOH certificate of need applications. Mr. Cristofaro is also a NYS certified asbestos abatement designer.

Chris Cafer | Associate/Lead Mechanical Engineer

As an Associate at Integrated Energy Concepts Engineering, P.C., Mr. Cafer’s responsibilities include mechanical engineering services with emphasis on energy conservation, energy feasibility studies, cogeneration and HVAC/mechanical design. Mr. Cafer’s experience and capabilities includes mechanical design for central chiller and boiler plants, cogeneration plants, combined energy plants, a large variety of HVAC systems, small to large scale energy studies, extensive energy conservation design, EMS and DDC systems, fire protection systems, plumbing systems and high-tech industrial systems. Mr. Cafer’s extensive experience includes working with K-12 School Districts and NYS SED requirements, various health care facilities such as hospitals and senior nursing/living facilities and NYS DOH requirements.

Aaron Christ | Senior Electrical Engineer

Mr. Christ has over thirteen (13) years of experience in consulting engineering design work as an Electrical Engineer. Mr. Christ is familiar with the organization and structure necessary to assemble accurate and detailed engineering plans and specifications for various commercial, institutional and industrial projects. Mr. Christ demonstrates efficiency, accuracy, and detail-oriented skills. He has had developed strong written and verbal communication skills and has the ability to train and teach design personnel various aspects of electrical engineering. As an Electrical Engineer at Integrated Energy Concepts Engineering, P.C., Mr. Christ performs electrical engineering, electrical design and field studies, including engineering, and feasibility studies. Mr. Christ has significant experience in the design of power distribution systems, stand-by and emergency generation systems, grounding, fire alarm, lighting, public address, nurse call, Combined Heat and Power plant, CATV, security and plant voice/data cabling systems.

Michael Bourgeois, LEED AP BD+C | Senior Engineer

Mr. Bourgeois’s has over four decades of experience in the HVACR industry. From a Service Technician to Senior Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Bourgeois has been responsible for Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on Energy Conservation, Energy Feasibility Studies, Cogeneration, HVAC/Mechanical Design and Control Systems. Mr. Bourgeois’ experience and capabilities includes Designs for Central Chiller and Boiler Plants, Cogeneration Plants, a large variety of HVAC systems, Telecommunications/Computer room designs, Ice rinks, Higher Education, Municipal-Federal-Government work, Automated Control Systems, Fire Protection Systems, Plumbing Systems and High-tech Industrial Systems. In addition, Mr. Bourgeois has extensive experience with Schools and NYSSED requirements, Hospitals, Health Care and NYSDOH requirements. Mr. Bourgeois is a LEED Certified Commissioning provider and has successfully commissioned over 40 projects, several of which are Gold and Platinum level.

John Bailes | Senior Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Bailes has over twelve (12) years of experience in energy conservation and mechanical systems projects. His mechanical design experience includes design for new construction and renovation projects, as well as cost estimating and equipment specification.  Mr. Bailes has significant experience with central plant and cogeneration system design and implementation. Mr. Bailes has extensive experience with energy feasibility studies including on-site cogeneration analysis, industrial process analysis and general energy conservation measures, as well as experience with the New York State Energy and Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) grant programs and funding opportunities.

Khaled Fouda, LEED AP | Design Engineer

Mr. Fouda has over seven (7) years experience as a Mechanical Engineer, two of those years  overseas in the Construction field. Mr. Fouda’s experience includes designing HVAC systems, Cogeneration systems, Fire Alarm, Lighting and Low Voltage Power Distribution for New Construction and Renovation Projects. In addition, Mr. Fouda has experience in conducting Energy Feasibility studies for various projects including Microgrid studies and NYSERDA CHP Acceleration Programs as well as Energy Modeling for LEED Certification.

Ryan (Yu) Ruan | Electrical Design Engineer

Mr. Ruan has over five (5) years of experience in the power distribution system and renewable energy system. As an electrical engineer at Energy Concepts, Mr. Ruan is responsible for designing safety and cost-effective distribution system, including low voltage and medium voltage classes, extensive experience with utility interconnection, substation and distributed generation designs. Mr. Ruan has developed strong skills in ground grid design, short circuit study, coordination study and protective relay programming. He is also familiar with renewable energy system design, including Photovoltaics (PV), Solar thermal, Wind turbine and Fuel cell systems.