Wartburg Nursing Home

Wartburg is a 230-bed nursing home located in Brooklyn, New York. It offers a wide array of social services from two adjacent buildings surrounding a courtyard. It was clear from the outset that the best way to address the deteriorated state of the antiquated boiler rooms would be to start with a clean slate. This was an expensive proposition, but an Energy Concepts feasibility study projected large gains in operational efficiencies by installing the CHP plant. The efficiency gains generated the cash flow that allowed management to finance a new HVAC plant.

Instead of two boiler rooms, the new CHP and HVAC system are housed in a central plant, saving space and labor. Three CHP modules with a combined output of 225kW supply electricity to the buildings. A digital control system manages output to follow demand for optimal operation, and on most days the facility imports less than 5% from the grid. Three large-capacity insulated water tanks provide thermal storage. A small gas boiler to supplement the generators on the coldest days and a new electrical service completed the scope.