Great Neck Park

Great Neck Park is a large municipal recreation facility on Long Island, New York. The park is a center for sports and community activities year round – it contains a large ice-skating rink, several swimming pools, baths, and food services.

The use of the Park’s services has been growing steadily along with its energy costs, making energy conservation an economically attractive proposition. Working with the project’s architect and facility operators, Energy Concepts redesigned the heating and cooling systems to reduce energy consumption and drastically reduce expensive peak demand electricity.

To reduce consumption we designed a 100kW CHP unit that supplies power for lighting and pumps, and heat for the pool, DHW and for melting the Zamboni ice shavings. A 300 ton gas fired chiller was incorporated into the design to reduce peak demand electricity. The chiller’s output is used for the ice rink during the months that gas is least expensive and electricity prices are at their seasonal peak.

City Ice Pavilion

City Ice Pavilion is an NHL size, 85 x 200 ft. ice rink under a pressurized air dome. It is an energy hog in the heart of New York City, where electricity is among the most expensive in the country.  Energy  costs have a direct impact on profitability.

Energy Concepts designed an ultra-efficient cooling plant centered on a gas engine-driven 400 ton chiller. The system cools the ice sheet without using expensive electricity. The engine’s exhaust heat is routed to a heat exchanger to supply hot water for Zamboni and for an innovative heating system under the bleachers to keep the spectators comfortable.