Cogeneration (CHP) plants keep the lights on for thousands during Sandy

When hurricane Sandy hit the tri-state area, Energy Concepts engineers were up around the clock in support of clients and providing emergency assistance. Our client’s plants remained operating. The plants continued to operate either in parallel with the utility, when available, or in critical cases providing full power to a facility while the utility was out.

11 – 5th Avenue residential high rise, lower Manhattan: When the local utility Con Edison lost power on Monday Oct 29th the CHP plant was started in standby mode to power the entire 290 apartment residential building. All other buildings within sight were dark. The CHP plant provided power for the full building including the central boilers, domestic water pumps, all elevators, and all apartments. The plant ran 24/7 under computerized control and with some on-site supervision and remote monitoring until Con Ed power was restored Saturday morning. The plant is powered by 4 – 100 kW Tecogen Inverde units.

South Oak nursing home and hospital, Long Island: The CHP plant is providing full power to the campus hospital, nursing home and other buildings throughout the emergency. South Oaks engineers pro-actively isolated from LIPA Sunday Oct 28th at 5:45 pm, and will remain isolated until the grid is stable as most of Long Island lost power. South Oaks has four engines on line with a fifth on stand-by ready to go. (They are now preparing for storm 2). The plant is powered by 5 Intelligen 250 kW Synchronous cogen units.

Many more of our sites in the NYC area continue to run in parallel with the utility providing desperately needed grid relief to the storm stressed utility system. The utility system is overloaded in many areas due to various distribution lines out of service until repairs can be made. Without support from the local CHP plants Con Ed may have had to shut down additional areas placing even more New Yorkers in the cold and darkness.

In Upstate NY, many plants designed by Energy Concepts also continued to run either in parallel and/or operating independent from the grid when necessary including Central Hudson Community College, St Elizabeth Hospital in Utica NY, St Luke’s Hospital in Utica NY, Fonda Fultonville Schools, The Rochester Greater International Airport and the Monroe County IOLA Campus plant.

Thousands of individuals had heat, power, fresh water and access to critical hospital, emergency shelter and transportation infrastructure during the emergency with cogeneration plants designed by Energy Concepts.